Josh Malamy : Zero Faith in the Afterlife Skill Set

1. Condescending Backsliders
2. Allergic to Everything
3. Blisters in the Bull Pen*
4. Heal My Wounds
5. Goodbye Georgia Sue
6. Bees
7. The Happy Hours of Youth*
8. Pageantry of the Transmundane^
9. Goldpaper Kids
10. Little Joe+

*Lyrics by Robert Coover
^Written by Josh Malamy & Nick Tapazoglou
+Written by Kate Gordon & Josh Malamy

All songs except * copyright Josh Malamy 2005. Shared copyrights 8 and 10.
Additional vocals on 7 by Casey Holford & Yoko Kikuchi
Recorded and mixed by Dashan Coram at Luv-a-Lot Records, NYC June 5 2005

Design by Chris Adams, Yoko Kikuchi, Josh Malamy, Scott O'Dell and Jason Shafton
Hosted by Chris Adams

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